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Unspeakable by Keflavik Unspeakable by Keflavik
This is my first entry to the Seventh Sanctum Fantasy Folk contest: [link]

The race of elves. They are dark-skinned, purple-haired, and have light-colored eyes. They are well-known for their beautiful sculptures. Their culture has some strict regulations on magic. They serve a race of gods excluded from this world. Once slaves, they overthrew their masters and rule their realm now.

I got that out of a book of history from the Resistance. It turns out that we had ancient ancestors of elves. There's not much history on them because the Government rewrote or got rid of any past we had. The people that know about them though call them the Unspeakables after the massive statue that isn't supposed to exist outside the city called the Unspeakable Monument. That is the only proof we have that they once did exist.

In the picture, a sculptor is finishing the last details of a monument to their breaking the bonds of the other race that enslaved them. I'll have to dig deeper into the history books to find their name though. Anyway, on the shelf above him, you'll see a little shrine to a certain god or goddess; probably the god of sculpting. The statue itself and the blocks of rock have the only kind of magic allowed shimmering over their surface. It is believed that it protected the rock from the elements and that is why the Unspeakable Monument stands today.
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April 3, 2009
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