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January 14, 2009
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Ghost Agents by Keflavik Ghost Agents by Keflavik
My second entry to the Seventh Sanctum Cartoon Cash-In contest: [link] .

This is a possible cover for the computer game Ghost Agents. You play as a Collaborator. With the most cutting edge graphics and a sandbox world, you control your blue dot to infiltrate a Resistance safe haven, learn all you can about them, memorize all patrol routes, then set a beacon in the vicinity of the building and escape before the Erasers and Gold Bullet Crusaders show up. Now all people who didn't get to be a Collaborator can experience all of the thrills that come with the job. Rated C+10 for Children ten and over by ARSB (All Righteous Supply Bureau).

Besides 'Infiltrate. Spy. Destroy.' the other phrase considered was ' Infiltrate them, learn from them, maybe even love them, then destroy everything they know.'

Another version of the game is being developed for Children training to become Collaborators. It features better graphics, more realistic situations, and a game lock that makes you finish the game before you can quit.

I stole a beta version a while back and I have to admit, it is quite thrilling.
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009
Oh wow, I love the whole world you're creating with these entries. Makes it seem so much more real!
Keflavik Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Well thank you! I quite enjoy documenting what's going on here in UtopiaDystopia.
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
And I enjoy keeping up with current events and feeling glad I don't live there. ;P
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